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Vintage Castanets NI Kontakt Sample Library by YummyBeats

Vintage Castanets NI Kontakt Sample Library

YummyBeats releases Vintage Castanets, a percussive sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt recorded with several Compressors and EQs intended to achieve a very decent vintage character while staying punchy and expressive.

This samples have been recorded in numerous ways of playing and you can choose between different soundings (FX settings). Vintage Castanets not was only designed to be useful for Latin/Flamenco but also for any other genre like Pop, Electro, Hip Hop, Rock, Soul, etc. whenever Castanets are required. For additional realism many Castanets have been round robin sampled.

TIP: with some extra delays and psychedelic FX you can create nice atmospheres like shown in the first audio track (from the medley)

Vintage Castanets Kontakt Library

Vintage Castanets Kontakt Library Features:

  • Numerous ways of playing
  • Single shots & loops
  • Partly round robin samples
  • Various rooms & halls (convolution reverb)
  • “Vintage” switch for a slight velvet sound
  • “Chroma” switch to add/reduce the richness
  • All Castanets recorded in WAV 24-bit, 48 kHz
  • Kontakt 5 or later (full version) required

This Kontakt library is available for €19 EUR.

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