Free Kontakt Sample LibraryFrozenPlain has released Victorian Music Box, a free NI Kontakt library  inspiref by 19th century antique music box.

Victorian Music Box has a great sound, somewhat dark, yet beautiful. It’s perfect for creating atmosphere and for background melodies.

The first page includes a random knob; this delays the start time of the notes. This is perfect for adding realism to the instrument. As you can imagine, an actual music box will not hit multiple notes at the extact same millisecond.

There is also a simple EQ, If you find it a little too bright and plucky, bringing the highs down a bit is perfect for this.


  • This library requires the full version of Kontakt to work. It will only work in demo mode if you have the free Kontakt Player.
  • 42 samples (lossless ncw format)
  • 115 MB installed
  • 24bit / 44.1khz stereo
  • 94 MB download


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