Unfilter VST PluginZynaptiq releases UNFILTER – Adaptive Tonal Contour Linearization Plug-In.

UNFILTER is a real-time plug-in that removes filtering effects, such as comb filtering, resonance, or excessive equalization – effectively linearizing the frequency response of a signal automatically. UNFILTER can also apply a detected filter response to another signal, or export it to disk as an impulse response file (WAV), and can perform mastering grade adaptive, free-form, and graphic equalization.

Features at a glance:

  • Automatically detect and remove resonances, equalization, roll-offs and the effects of comb filtering from musical, location, dialog and surveillance recordings
  • Apply the measured filter response to other signals to place them in the same “acoustic world”
  • Export the measured filter response to or import it from a linear- or minimum-phase impulse response file (WAV)
  • Mastering grade adaptive, free-form and graphic equalization
  • Extremely steep 96dB/octave shelving high-pass filter
  • Output limiter for unsupervised use in batch processing applications
  • Highly time-efficient workflow and UI

Formats: RTAS, AAX Native and VST plug-ins for both Mac OS X and Windows operating systems.

UNFILTER plugin is available for 399 / EUR 369.

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