The Shell - NI Kontakt Sample Library by Hollow Sun
The Shell – NI Kontakt Instrument by Hollow Sun

Hollow Sun new release The Shell, a new Native Instruments Kontakt Sample Library.

The Shell is a unique thing in that it’s an empty Kontakt instrument which allows YOU to put YOUR samples into it and have a fully functional, professionally scripted and designed panel at your disposal for sonic tweakage. Ideal if you make your own samples/sounds but aren’t able to do scripting or find it difficult.

So with The Shell, you can make your own samples, pop into Kontakt’s mapping editor to assign and map them out, leave Kontakt’s editor and then take advantage of a comprehensive user interface panel made by a professional Kontakt scripter where you can tweak your sounds without having to delve into Kontakt’s sometimes arcane edit pages.

The Shell – NI Kontakt Features:

  • Professionally scripted GUI for your own samples
  • Multimode filters
  • Three ADSR envelopes and three LFOs
  • Multiple groups for layering
  • Extensive modulation possibilities
  • Distortion > chorus > phaser > echo > reverb
  • Custom convolution reverb impulses

The full version of Kontakt 4.2.4 or higher is required and recommended.

The Shell NI Kontakt Library is availbale for £8 GBP. Check Here

Since 1998, Hollow Sun has specialised in authentic recreations of vintage – and often rare – electrical and electronic musical instruments.

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