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SFX Collection 02 by Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy proudly present SFX Collection 02, an epic collection of sound effects, cinematic tools and transitional FX elements.

With a total size of 2.1 GB of content the SFX Collection 02 combine creative digital effects processing, granular re-synthesis and intricate automation to create an unique and versatile product for cutting-edge dance music production, cinematic sound design and game audio.


  • 826 Sound Effect Samples
  • 55 Impacts
  • 68 Cinematic slams
  • 58 Cymbal FX
  • 64 Uplifers
  • 55 Downshifters
  • 83 Noise Tools
  • 5 Risers and Falls
  • 26 Soundscapes and Ambience
  • 23 Synth Impacts and Stabs
  • 91 Twisted Transitional FX
  • 247 Analogue Synth FX
  • 16 Soft Sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt and EXS24

We have taken on board customers’ feedback and have deliberately stayed clear from using excessive reverb effects and tempo-synced delays. This allows room for your own reverb and time-based effects to be applied.

The full version of this SFX pack is priced at £44.95 but also you can buy separately the Analogue Synth FX, Cinematic Slams, Impacts and Cymbals, Downshifters and Falls, Twisted Transition FX and Uplifters and Risers at prices between £7.95 and £9.95.

This will save your money if you only need a certain kind of sound effects.

Buy Links: SFX Collection 02 | Wave Alchemy

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