RS56 Passive VST Plugins by WavesWaves releases RS56 Passive EQ effect plugin designed in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios.

The RS56 is a passive EQ, meaning no amplification of any kind is used to create its filters. In fact, it can’t even be plugged into a power socket. Passive EQs use high value capacitors and inductors to achieve the desired filtering. This lack of amplification means passive equalizers can only attenuate the signal, not boost it. Therefore, boost-like frequency-shaping is achieved by attenuating the entire signal except the specified frequency.

For example, to achieve a 6 dB “boost” at 1 kHz, a passive EQ attenuates the entire signal by 6 dB apart from 1 kHz. The entire input signal is attenuated by the sum total amount of possible boost; in the case of the RS56 hardware, with three bands that can boost up to 10 dB each, the overall signal attenuation is 30 dB.

In most cases, make-up gain is applied post-processing to bring the signal back up; at Abbey Road Studios, make-up gain was applied using V72 amplifiers, as found in the REDD.17 and REDD.37 consoles.

Waves and Abbey Road Studios have faithfully recreated the unique magic of the RS56, using advanced circuit modeling techniques based on the original schematics. Like its hardware predecessor, the Waves: Abbey Road RS56 passive EQ plugin features three bands with four selectable center frequencies for each and six different filter types, plus independent or linked control over the left and right channels. The result is an extraordinary equalizer that is as effective today as it was when it was created over half a century ago.

RS56 Passive EQ Features:

  • Based on the legendary RS56 Universal Tone Control passive EQ
  • Three bands with four selectable center frequencies for each
  • Six different filter types
  • Independent or linkable left/right controls
  • Developed in association with Abbey Road Studios

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