Pulswerk Maschine Drum Kits Expansion by Native Instruments
Pulswerk Maschine Drum Kits Expansion by Native Instruments

Native Instruments new release the Pulswerk Expansion, a collection of 30 Drum Kits provide a selection of kicks, snares, claps, metallic sounds, and more.

This expansion is perfect for minimalistic, house and techno music genres.

The Expansion also features an array of Multi-Effect Kits containing pre-sequenced, tempo synced effect chains and 60 new specially-designed MASSIVE presets.

PULSWERK also features a set of pre-sequenced Multi-Effect Kits created from MASCHINE’s vast selection of on-board effects. These custom effect chains conveniently load into MASCHINE’s pads exactly like a drum kit.

A compact version of this MASCHINE Expansion is available for use with iMASCHINE, the groove sketchpad for iPhone and iPod Touch.


  • Special Kits with pitched sounds for track construction
  • Unique multi-effect chains for evolving textures
  • Custom MASSIVE presets

Pulswerk Expansion is available for $49 USD

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