Usine Hollyhock DAW by SensomusicSensomusic has released the new Usine Hollyhock, new generation of Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) special designed for live music and real time installations.

It’s not a traditional Digital Audio Workstation so, it has a very specific approach.
Also it’s a modular environment, which means that, even if you can find many ready to use examples, the main goal is to create and customize your live set to fit it exactly to your needs.

Usine is different but finally you’ll realize that it is one of the most powerful audio software you can find.

Usine is portable application, which means that there is no installation procedure but just an “unzip a play”. Several copies of the application can be installed at the same time.
Nothing is modified on your system, no hidden files dispatched on the hard drive, no file association, driver, system library, nothing…
Travel light with a simple USB stick!

Usine Hollyhock Software Features:

  • Simple & powerful interface
  • A new Grid approach
  • Native Surround 64 channels
  • Native multi-touch
  • Highly multi-core optimized
  • Integrated physical engine
  • Fully customizable interface
  • VST & Audio-Units support
  • Integrated network support
  • For Mac OS X & Windows

Most of Usine is based on the concept of audio rack.

Usine Hollyhock DAW is available for €159 EUR. Check Here




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