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Sonnox Oxford Inflator Plug-In by Universal Audio

Sonnox Oxford Inflator Plug-In by Universal Audio
Sonnox Oxford Inflator Plug-In

Sonnox has released the SOxford Inflator Plug-In, a professional tool for adding punch and power to your sounds.

A longtime secret weapon for audio professionals, the Sonnox Oxford Inflator does what so many dynamics processors only pretend to do — increase the apparent loudness of your mix or individual tracks, without audibly affecting sonic quality or reducing dynamic range. The Inflator can add power, warmth, and presence to your mix, providing virtual headroom above digital maximum, while maintaining musical character.

Used subtly, the Inflator can also add a natural tube-type warmth and character to acoustic or jazz flavored mixes. Used on vocals or single instruments, it can add presence, as well as depth and softness; on drums or percussion, the Inflator can produce astonishing dynamic presence and tightness.

Sonnox Oxford Inflator Plug-In Features:

  • Adds power, presence, and tube-like warmth to program material
  • Increases perceived loudness of any source, without audibly affecting the sonic quality
  • Provides virtual headroom above digital maximum, allowing percussive peaks to pass without signal overload
  • Direct and band-split modes for maximum flexibility and optimal DSP usage
  • Developed for the UAD Powered Plug-Ins platform by Sonnox
  • Requires UAD-2 DSP Accelerator Card or Apollo Interface, available from authorized dealers worldwide

Inflator effect plugin is available for instant purchase & download at PluginBoutique, our trusted partner.

More Details: Oxford Inflator

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