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SFX Machine Pro for Windows VST 64-bit by The Sound Guy

Sound Guy SFX Machine PRO VST Plugin

The Sound Guy SFX Machine Pro for Windows VST 64-bit plugin provides quick and easy access to hundreds of audio effects, from the conventional to the bizarre.

A great sound-mangling proposition for musicians, sound designers, foley artists, soundtrack composers and anyone else looking for interesting new vibes as well as fresh takes on many old favourites…. If you’re looking for a potentially endless repository of interesting effects at a great price, this certainly won’t disappoint.

300 highly usable effects units and a highly flexible modular environment for 200 bucks has got to be a winner in anyone’s book.

SFX Machine Pro Features:

  • A modular synthesis preset editor
  • Host tempo sync
  • MIDI automation
  • A Randomize function
  • Output limiter
  • Over 300 effects

SFX Machine Pro could be the most important tool in your audio arsenal.

SFX Machine Pro is available for USD 99.95.

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