Sable String Vol 2 Kontakt Library by Spitfire Audio

Sable String Vol 2 Kontakt Library by Spitfire AudioSpitfire Audio has released Sable String Vol 2, a new Native Instruments Kontakt Library that features strings samples and instruments.

Volume 2 of this Kontakt Library contains Violin 2 orchestral samples, viola and basses sections.

Each section is fully controllable individually, and is recorded with 7 mic positions, through rare and classic mics in one of the greatest recording studios in the world, through Neve ‘Montserrat’ mic pres and then on through the Neve 88R onto tape, and finally through Prism converters into Protools at 96k. We present the library in Kontakt 4.2.4 and higher format (FULL VERSION OF KONTAKT REQUIRED) at 48k, 24bit.

Sable String Vol 2 Specifications:

  • 21 GB For the Main Mics
  • Extended mic array, stereo and 5.0 mixes TBC

This Kontakt Library is available for £399 GBP.

Unfortunately this product is no longer available.

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