MegaMacho Drums Kontakt 5 Sample Library by PlugInGuru

Kontakt 5 Sample LibraryPlugInGuru releases MegaMacho Drums, a new sample library from John “Skippy” Lehmkuhl that has powerful and unique features for making cool drum grooves. This sample library is special designed to be used with NI Kontakt 5.

2,000 drum samples – many of them are created thru complex sound manipulation or by layering up to 8 drums together to make huge drum sounds for today’s music production styles.

34 Unique drum kits that have 61 samples across the keyboard. The Drum Kits have 7 Kicks and 8 Snares PER KIT so that the user has options for the groove. On Top of this, there are 100 Kit Instruments – created by taking the 34 kits and manipulating them with the effects and sound processing tools that are built into the MegaMacho interface to create inspiring drum kits with glitch notes flying thru the air and drums played at 6-bit, 12kHz LoFi & choir hit convolution reverb presets.

100 MIDI File Drum Grooves in music styles ranging from TRAP to DubStep to EDM to Pop and even Waltzes, 5/4 Progressive and more!

Of the 34 unique kits, 13 of them follow fairly strict map assignments for Kick, Snare, Side Stick, Claps, Toms, HiHats, Crash, Ride, Tambourine, CowBell, Agogo, Shaker 1, Shaker 2, Clave, Triangles and Shaker 3 from the General MIDI note assignments.

Regular price for this sample library is $149 USD

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