Female Dubstep Vocals 2 Sample Pack by Rankin Audio
Female Dubstep Vocals 2 Sample Pack by Rankin Audio

Rankin Audio new release Female Dubstep Vocals 2, a new sample pack with female vocals sounds ready for music production and dubstep producers in special.

All this dubstep female vocal samples are recorded at 140 bpm in the best way for dubstep music and features a range of soft laid back vocals, adlibs and full of belters there is the perfect array of styles for any dubstep production.

Vocals are provided dry, ready for you to layer on FX as you please and are organised by singer and Key info. All recorded at the highest possible quality by professional session singers, these are perfect for either a big vocal anthem or for being chopped, effected and turned into something completely unique.

Female Dubstep Vocals 2 Content:

  • 5 Female Vocalists
  • 152 8-16 Bar Hooks & Phrases
  • Key & Tempo Labeled

Size: 632 MB

Price: £ 19.95 GBP

Demo Here

Available on Loopmasters Store




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