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DataBank Three Presets for NI Massive by Nucleus SoundLab

DataBank Three Presets Patches for NI MassiveNucleus SoundLab new release DataBank Three, a new collection of presets for Massive Synthesizer (by Native Instruments).

This pack contains 100 patches and all these maps all 8 Macro Knobs to appropriate, useful parameters. Often Knobs control multiple related parameters to trigger powerful morphs across many different sonic dimensions. Of course, the presets are fully categorized as well.

DataBank Three does not hide its secrets. Many of the patches include incredibly detailed notes on construction and inspiration. Not only will DataBank Three benefit your music, but it will supercharge your sound design skills as well!

DataBank Three NI Massive Presets Features:

  • 100 Presets for NI Massive.
  • All presets utilize all 8 Macro Knobs uniquely.
  • Each preset is fully categorized.
  • Extensive notes and documentation inside most presets.
  • Compatible with both Macintosh and PC
  • Requires Massive 1.3 or higher
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