MSMAX - Maximizer Effect PluginTwisted Tools releases MSMAX – Maximizer Effect and Mid/Side Matrix for Reaktor.

MSMAX is a Maximizer effect and Mid/Side utility built for Native Instruments Reaktor.
As a Maximizer, MSMAX can be used for anything from subtle to extreme loudness maximization to get individual tracks or mixes sounding loud and finalized. As a Mid/Side maxtrix, MSMAX can be used to encode, decode and process Mid/Side signals to add width or create stereo imaging effects.

Whether you use MSMAX to slam your drum bus, apply creative M/S techniques within Reaktor or squeeze some more volume out of your master, MSMAX will surely find a place in your Reaktor toolbox!

MSMAX is built for Native Instruments Reaktor 5 (Player NOT Supported).

MSMAX – Maximizer Effect Plugin Features:

  • Stereo Maximizer
  • Flexible Mid/Side Matrix (Encode/Decode Input and Output)
  • Sidechain Volume Ducker (Sidechain using: Audio, MIDI, Auto, Self)
  • Insert effects path (Pre/Post Maximizer)
  • Use your own effects
  • Output Limiter
  • Mono Summing
  • Dry/Wet Mix with internal latency compensation
  • Near-zero Latency (1 sample
  • Low CPU
  • Phase flip (Standard or Pre-Decode M/S for 180 degree flip)
  • Nanoverb Example Insert Effect (Reverb and EQ)
  • Switchless switching for instant A/B’ing settings without clicks or pauses
  • Lemur template by Antonio Blanca
  • Free incremental updates

MSMAX plugin is available for $39 USD. Check Here
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