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MSMAX – Maximizer Effect Plugin for Reaktor by Twisted Tools

MSMAX Maximizer VST Effect Plugin

Twisted Tools releases MSMAX – Maximizer Effect and Mid/Side Matrix for Reaktor.

MSMAX is a Maximizer effect and Mid/Side utility built for Native Instruments Reaktor. As a Maximizer, MSMAX can be used for anything from subtle to extreme loudness maximization to get individual tracks or mixes sounding loud and finalized. As a Mid/Side maxtrix, MSMAX can be used to encode, decode and process Mid/Side signals to add width or create stereo imaging effects.

As a maximizer plugin, MSMAX is more than useful. Whether you use it for the final mastering, or on individual mono, or stereo tracks, MSMAX does an extremely good job of bringing out details and subtle nuances that may not have even been noticeable. MSMAX plugin is good for both natural sounding finalization, or extremely harsh maximization that can really take one loop, and make it sound like another loop… A much, much harsher and bigger loop. It doesn’t screw around.

When you add in the side-chain functionality, you can quickly and suddenly find yourself bringing up MSMAX… A lot. The multiple side-chain trigger sources can be used to duck your audio in normal and more imaginative ways. There are actually four modes total, including Audio, for using an external signal, and Self, which introduces a 1/4 note pulse that will add automatic pulsing, side-chain rhythms into your incoming audio.

MSMAX – Maximizer Effect Plugin Features:

  • Stereo Maximizer
  • Flexible Mid/Side Matrix (Encode/Decode Input and Output)
  • Sidechain Volume Ducker (Sidechain using: Audio, MIDI, Auto, Self)
  • Insert effects path (Pre/Post Maximizer)
  • Use your own effects
  • Output Limiter
  • Mono Summing
  • Dry/Wet Mix with internal latency compensation
  • Near-zero Latency (1 sample)
  • Low CPU
  • Phase flip (Standard or Pre-Decode M/S for 180-degree flip)
  • Nanoverb Example Insert Effect (Reverb and EQ)
  • Switchless switching for instant A/B’ing settings without clicks or pauses
  • Lemur template by Antonio Blanca
  • Free incremental updates

MSMAX plugin is available for $39 USD.

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