Mandolin Kontakt Sample Sound Library8Dio Productions has released Mandolin, a new Kontakt Sample Sound Library that features deep sampled sounds from earliest musical instruments.

We included both normal and morphed Mandolin patches to cover all dimensions of the instrument, including hundreds of natural fret and release noises. The morphed patches blend the Mandolin with a wide selection of other instruments (including high-pitched Double Basses, Bulbul Tarang, Steel String Guitars, Plucked and Regular Grand Piano, a large variety of custom Tonal Percussions, etc). In addition, we created a flexible Tremolo Control system that allows you to get your inner Godfather going.

Mandolin Kontakt Library Features:

  • Deep-Sampled Mandolin
  • Normal, Tenor and Piccolo Sets
  • Round Robin (repetition) sampled
  • 21 Morphed Variations
  • Live FX & New Tremolo Controls
  • 1,640 samples (44.1kHz/24-bit stereo)
  • 1.5 GB installed (compressed from 3.4GB)

This Mandolin Kontakt Library is available for $139 USD.

Check Here

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