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Loom – Modular VST Additive Synthesizer by AIR Music Technology

Loom Modular Additive Synthesizer by AIR Music Technology
Loom Modular Additive Synthesizer by AIR Music Technology

AIR Music Technology has released Loom, a new modular additive software synthesizer (virtual instrument) that can create sounds that extend far beyond the scope of subtractive synths.

Loom is absolutely packed with sounds. Acclaimed sound designers Richard Devine and Mark Ovenden have created over 350 professional, ready-to-play sounds for your convenience. You can tweak, analyze, and customize their sounds to make them your own, use them as-is, or dig deep and begin creating your own astounding additive sounds from scratch. Experimentation is easy. Intelligent Randomization can instantly offer up new parameters—or a new mix of modules—to jump-start your sound design sessions. All parameters can be mapped for MIDI control. Loom allows up to 512 harmonic partials to be used in creating a single additive patch!

“I was really fascinated by the structure and UI design of Loom,” says sound designer Richard Devine. “I knew it would be capable of creating some interesting timbres. I loved the modular structure and its additive harmonic synthesis engine—which is what initially sparked my interest in Loom. The sounds and control features of Loom are just stunning. I have never come across another software synthesizer that offers both unique synthesis and such wonderful controllability. For sound design applications, this synth is simply a must-have.”

Loom Modular Additive Synthesizer Features:

  • 30 distinct sound modules, freely combinable in 10 cells
  • Point-and-click sound morphing with powerful control
  • Over 350 patches
  • Smart Sound Randomizer to quickly design unique sounds
  • Economy mode reduces the load on the host processor with minimal impact on the sound
  • VST, AU, and RTAS (Windows and Mac)
  • 64-bit

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