Linguistics - Essential Rap Vocals SamplesBlack Octopus and None Like Joshua brings the Linguistics – Essential Rap Vocal Pack featuring 700 gorgeous vocal samples for your productions. Whisper, conversation, loud, and yelling sounds make this pack very versatile and can be used in many music genres such as Hip Hop, Dubstep, Electro, House, Techno and many more.

This sample pack covers different languages: French, German, Japanese, Spanish, English being the main focus.

Linguistics pack includes 5290 phrases and loops recorded at 85, 110, and 130 bpm covering various styles and are just perfect for fills, phrases or breakdowns. Also this pack includes 80 single shot recordings of real beatbox and 75 Long exhales, short gasps, and other random breath sounds.

Not just this! You will find 304 voices in different vocal styles. Beast mode, Emo, Gamer, Hipster, Nerdy, Old Man, Rapper, Uncle Jeorge, Religious, and stereo-typical Japanese, Jamaican, and British accents.

Total size of this product is 2.54 GB and in details you will get 80 beatbox vox, 75 breathes, 304 character vocals, 465 English spoken vox, 154 french spoken vox, 15 vox fx, 155 German spoken vox, 272 Japanese spoken vox, 30 laughing vox, 5290 loops, 112 misc vox, 5 passages, 37 screams and 160 Spanish spoken vox.

Available for just £29.95 this product is a must have for any music producer who need fresh new vocal samples and awesome Vox effects for his productions. You can listen the audio demos and buy this pack using the links listed bellow.

This product is delivered digitally, you will get the download link on your email address in just a second after the payment is done.

Buy Links: Linguistics – Essential Rap Vocal Pack

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