Keyzone Classic Free VST Piano

We are proud to introduce a new plug-in called KeyZone Classic, available for both Windows users and MAC users. Bitsonic created this virtual piano using some real piano instruments and professional microphones.

If you’re wondering what’s looking our logo on the interface, well you should know that I helped design it. This is the first time I’ve done this, I hope that in the future we can make more useful and attractive plugins.

Although the number of instruments is limited to 5 pianos, these keys sound great, it is worth trying it, you will surely like how it sounds. KEYZONE CLASSIC piano plugin is available free of charge for Windows and Mac OS X.

5 Presets Included:

  • Piano from Keyzone 1
  • Yamaha Grand Piano
  • Steinway Grand Piano
  • Basic Electric Piano
  • Rhodes Piano



Extract the Zip file and Copy the “instruments” folder and the “.dll” file in your main plugin folder, then rescan for plugins inside your DAW.

You can also check the lo-fi piano VST called Tapex Piano, a great commercial plugin available at our store for a great price, don’t miss it!

10 thoughts on “Keyzone Classic Free VST Piano (100% Free Download)

  1. Petet says:

    On your free Keyzone Classic Vst, when using the Keystone Piano, it has distorted notes on keys B3, C3, and C#3. Found a chat forum on this subject and a couple of other users noticed the same defect.

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