Key Pad Sound Pack for Ableton Live 9Whitebox Synth Makers has released Key Pad, a new sound pack for Ableton Live 9.

I’ve taken some samples off the Live 8 Ambient and Evolving Racks and put them into a Live 9 Intro rack to make a bifocal instrument that sweeps from an upfront keyboard sound reminiscent of a Witchitaw Lineman Fender Rhodes to a distant trippy FX pad straight out of Unknown Pleasures. No, it’s NOT an illegal sample.

It’s lush and magnificent! Have a listen.

The dials…

‘Key/Pad Balance’ sweeps from one sample to the other using the Filter Frequency. Both samples have this parameter mapped to the single macro and I’ve used the opposite filter types on each: ‘Key’ has HP24 while ‘Pad’ has LP24. This gives the impression of a cross-fade as the dial is turned.

‘Short or Long’ is fairly obvious. Not so obvious perhaps is the mapping to both Decay and Release on both samples. Attack and Sustain are up to you.

The remaining dials are self-explanatory.

Experiment with the settings to explore the variations and don’t hesitate to drop-in any samples you like…

Max For Live not required.

The Key Pad is available for $1 USD. Check Here

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