HD Presets Pack for Korg Mono/Poly by Prime Loops

HD Presets Pack for Korg Mono/PolyPrime Loops new release HD Presets Pack for Korg Mono/Poly, a collection with 64 presets sounds for Mono/Poly synthesizer from Korg.

HD PRESETS FOR KORG MONO/POLY offers you 64 tweakable patches to play with, all primed to help you get busy cutting an intense new sound! The Mono/Poly soft synthallows you to fine-tune your own unique vibe with twin effect patches, a virtual patch feature, VCO modulation and more directly adjustable on your screen – this new release from Prime Loops lets you harness each and every one of these abilities!

Includes ripped riffs, deep electro grooves and atmospheric chords and many more.

This product requieres Korg Mono/Poly software synthesizer developed by Korg.

Price: £14.95 GBP

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