FREE: Multi-Track Drum Loops by J3T Drum Tracks

Free Live Drums Loops and SamplesJon Howells from J3T Drum Tracks created exclusively for readers and fans a special FREE Multi-Track Drum Loops sample pack that features over 300 MB of royalty free live drum endings, fills and grooves available in WAV and AIFF  file formats.

Jon started J3T Drum Tracks label back in 2005 focused on online drum sessions services for various international artists who need professional live drums tracks for their tracks but don’t have resources for this. Soon he started many collaborations with famous artists, studio songwriters, and producers offering them custom high quality recorded drums and percussion tracks.

The process is easy, quick, and far less expensive than hiring a drummer and studio for a day. Jon will record live drums on your track with minimum hassle.

Jon Howells worked as a professional drummer and percussionist for 16 years. In all this time he performed live and recorded with a vast range of artists such as Avril Lavigne, Katy Melua, Lemar, Juan Zelada (Decca), Sir Cliff Richard, Elizabeth McGovern (from Downton Abbey a.k.a. Sadie and the Hotheads), Scotty James, Christina Parrie (Australian X Factor Finalist) and Uriah Heep.

Back to our free Multi-Track Drum Loops pack, this includes 4 ending sessions, 5 fills, and 5 grooves sessions featuring 167 loops in Wav format and 167 Aiff files. From hi-hats, toms, cymbals to live kicks, snares and percussion these free loops are recorded at 120 BPM. Total size, after unzips the .rar file is 378 MB. To extract the files use WinRar on Windows and UnrarX on MAC.

You can use these drum samples and loops in your productions as royalty-free, without extra costs.

To can download this free pack please check the link below and give a like to our Facebook page to activate the download button.

Download: Multi-Track Drum Loops

If you want to read more details about Jon Howells work and services check J3T Drum Tracks website.

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