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Free Korg MS-20 Mini Drum Sample Pack by Wave Alchemy

Free Drum Samples

Wave Alchemy presents the Free Korg MS-20 Mini Drum Sample Pack, a collection of 483 analog drum hits and percussive samples which were synthesized with the Korg MS-20 Mini analog synthesizer.

This unique drum and percussive samples from Korg MS-20 Mini Drum Sample Pack are arranged into 3 main sections:

Processed Drum Section: 268 processed drum and percussive hits.

  • 31 kick drums
  • 69 snare drums
  • 56 cymbals – closed hats, open hats, ride and crash cymbals
  • 33 percussion sounds – rim shots, blocks, claves and cowbells
  • 27 congas
  • 32 toms
  • 20 processed drum sounds from our example patch sheet & synthesis videos (click here to watch videos)

Gear list – Empirical Labs Fatso & Distressor, A-Designs EM-PEQ, Elysia Xpressor, Spectra Sonics 610, Thermionic Culture Vulture, Valley People 610, API 512c, SSL E-Series EQ & Compressor, Schippmann Ebbe und Flut

Unprocessed Drum Section: 215 24-bit unprocessed drum and percussive hits.

  • Identical in folder structure to the processed drum section, the unprocessed section includes all of the raw unprocessed source samples as they were recorded, straight from the MS-20 mini!

Drum Kits: 8 ready-to-play drum kits, conveniently mapped to the following software sampler formats:

  • Battery 3 – 8 kits
  • Halion – 8 kits
  • Kontakt – 8 kits
  • NN-XT – 8 kits
  • SFZ – 8 kits

MS-20 Mini Drums is available for free download at Wave Alchemy webiste (34.6 MB download size, ZIP archive.

More Details: MS-20 Mini Drums

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