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Free Dubstep Samples and Loops by GhostHack.de

Free Dubstep Samples and Loops
released a free for download collection of Free Dubstep Samples.

This dubstep loops and samples packs contain basically everything  you need for making a nice electronic music track: bass drums, snares, claps, hi-hats and percussions. Of course, the packages contain dubstep typical basslines, very deep ones as well as hard upfront wobble basslines loops.

The majority of these free dubstep loops and samples was created using Native Instruments Massive synthesizer.

I really like to create dubstep drum loops as well as percussion loops, so every package has a wide variety of different, mostly halftime, dubstep drum and percussion loops. Try to slice them and create completly new loops! I also created some drum and bass drumloops in my sample packs.

Here are the latest releases from this great collection of Free Dubstep Samples released by Ghosthack and announced at our website:

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