Fairchild 808 Free Ableton Live Rack By LiveschoolLiveschool has released Fairchild 808, a free Ableton Live drum rack featuring Roland TR-808 drum machine in ALP format.

The Roland TR-808 Rhythm Composer is a drum machine that needs no introduction – a classic piece of kit whose sounds have been sampled more times than James Brown.

The iconic Roland TR-808 software and hardware more times than we’d care to count. Introduced by Roland in 1980 as a tool to help musicians creating demos without access to a drummer, the 808 went on to become a household name, appearing on more records than any other drum machine. While there are countless 808 samples packs available, it’s the way this particular collection was recorded that gets us excited…

The samples were recorded by manager of Studios 301 and Ableton Certified Trainer Anthony Garvin as we were preparing for our next focus course on Mixing and Mastering.

Ableton Live is required for use these sounds. The WAV samples are not separately available.

UPDATE: This product no longer exist!

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