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EZkeys Retro Electrics Virtual Piano Instrument by Toontrack

EZKeys Toontrack Virtual Instrument

Toontrack EZkeys Retro Electrics virtual instrument features retro sounds of two classic Hohner electric pianos: the Clavinet D6 and the Pianet N. This instrument is compatible with all DAWs on Windows and Mac.

Each instrument comes with a different number of presets and depending on the preset, there are also different parameters for fine adjustments available at the bottom left. Here you only have access to preselected parameters, the rest happens literally under the hood of the instrument. As the name suggests, EZkeys is aimed specifically at people who are looking for an easy-to-use piano instrument and want to play straight away without having to do a lot of presetting.

The selected instrument is displayed in the center of the user interface. If you play a key combination via the connected MIDI keyboard, the corresponding chord name is displayed in the bar above the keys of the instrument displayed. On the left of the display panel you can adjust the velocity and velocity curve by clicking on “Dynamics”, on the right by clicking on “Tuning” you can fine-tune each instrument by adjusting the octave, semitone, and cent.

EZkeys is a piano virtual instrument that serves several use cases at the same time. You can simply use EZkeys as a piano library, which can be gradually expanded to include other instruments. The great strength, however, lies in the MIDI functionality which makes EZkeys a powerful songwriter tool.

In this way, people without any piano knowledge are able to create complete arrangements and thus create the basis for a song. The fair price model is pleasing. The full version of EZkeys can be expanded via Sound Expansions for half the normal price per additional instrument, and the MIDI packs are also available at lucrative bundle prices.

EZkeys Retro Electrics for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/RTAS/Standalone Instrument) is available for $179 USD.

EZkeys Retro Electric virtual instrument is just $89 USD for registered users.

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