Breaks SamplesIndustrial Strength brings the Evan Panzer Brooklyn Breaks, a new sample pack featuring over 700 MB of old school vintage style breakbeats keyed across all tempos.

Drummer Evan Pazner has your back when it comes to inventive beats and wicked breaks. The session musician cut teeth in his native NYC, learning from the greats such as Jon Riley, Billy Hart, Jimmy Cobb, and Reggie Workman. The rhythm man’s chops have shaped the grooves of numerous recordings and live shows internationally. His down-to-earth dexterity can be heard on Vintage Breaks, a pack from ISR inspired by the classics.

With stereo 24-bit, 44.1 kHz wav audio, it sounds like you’re right there in the Industrial Strength studios.If you loved our Vintage Breaks collection then this super slamming new collection of breaks should be the perfect addition to your every growing library of sonic ammo. ISR’s Brooklyn Breaks is a rock solid follow up, so Grab these heavy-hitting drum breaks and steer the pulse of your future productions.

In detail you will get 946 MB with 221 Neve Short Breaks, 23 Kicks, 16 Rex 2 Stems, 1 NI Maschine kit, 32 snares, 1 NI Battery 4 expansion and 561 loops. All this in stereo 24-bit format.

Priced at £29.95, this sample pack ca be purchased from links bellow.

Links: Evan Panzer Brooklyn Breaks | Industrial Strength

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