Easy-Q-Delay Free Stereo VST Effect for Windows by Easytoolz

Easy-Q-Delay Free Stereo VST Effect
Easy-Q-Delay Free Stereo VST Effect

Easytoolz new release the Easy-Q-Delay, a free for download stereo delay VST plugin for Windows.

Here are some of the Easy-Q-Delay VST features:

  • Two separate Delay-lines for Left and Right with Sync-and Manual-modulation
  • Feedback-level-potis
  • 2 LFO´s with 6 waves (sin/saw/ramp/trigon/pulse and s/h) with manual
  • modulation-time and depth-potis
  • Targets: mod l+r / mod l / mod r / feedback l+r / feedb l / feedb r / pan l/r
  • pan l / pan r / LFO 2 > LFO 1-frq / depth
  • Dry/Wet-poti – ON/OFF-Button and Volume-poti
  • 16 Patches (3 default for own creations)

Free Download

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