Kontakt Drum Lab Native InstrumentsNative Instruments has released the Drum Lab, a new powerful virtual drum instrument featuring advanced drum layering techniques with an intuitive workflow designed for fast results.

The secret weapon of top professionals in a super-intuitive interface that makes mix-ready drum design fast and fun.

Create thousands of new drum combinations that bear your signature stamp and kick with ultimate impact. Get into the lab and start experimenting – DRUMLAB guarantees a winning formula every time.

All drums were recorded in three different rooms to ensure maximum sonic versatility. High-end modern and vintage gear captured every nuance of the performances on analog tape. Grammy-winning producer Kenny Barto was then brought in to polish the sounds to a professional shine.

Drum Lab also integrates perfectly with MASCHINE for the ultimate in hybrid drum groove production.

Drum Lab for Kontakt and Kontakt Player is available for $99 USD / 99 EUR. Check Here

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