DNX-03 Multi-Band Compressor VSTSynthblitz Audio release DNX-03 Multi-Band Compressor, a new three-band stereo Compressor VST plug-in for Windows.

The DNX-03 is able to split the incoming signal into three frequency-bands using a 6dB per octave crossover.

First-order filters are considered by many audiophiles to be ideal for crossovers.

Each band is passed through a compressor and then through a stereo processor where compression, gain and stereo image can be altered and improved. The outputs of the compressors and processors are then re-combined and fed to the master output.

DNX-03 Multi-Band Compressor Features:

  • Division of the incoming signal into three independent bands:
  •           Low Split Frequency: 60Hz – 1.4kHz
  •           High Split Frequency: 1.4kHz – 15kHz
  • Three stereo compressors inside
  • Noise Reduction
  • Four controls for enhanced stereo (one each band and one for output)
  • Five Vu-Meter LED, absolute precision to measure Gain reduction and output level
  • Two virtual moving coil Vu-Meters, analog style (good precision)
  • Limiter function to 0dB in one click
  • Tube emulator switch
  • Pre-Amp -/+ 12dB
  • A detailed manual will be sent by e-mail to those who buy the program

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