Free Kontakt SamplesAtom Hub releases Cryptar, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt sampler.

I found this thing on my way to a workplace. There is an old abandoned crypt in our town cemetery with a big rusted sign above its entrance. “You, who does not
like obscure virtual instruments, shall not pass !” strange inscription says. A long stone stairway leads your steps down to the underground. Oh my… What should I
do ?! After hesitating for a second (listening to the Titanic soundtrack on my mp3 player) I have responded to an explorer’s urge and stepped out in to the wet
darkness. Immediately, very strange feeling captured me… I have reached the bottom finally. An old, ruined oltar in front of me, with the stone pedestal right next
to it. Another strange writing carved there: “Let go of your reputation and take this gift from the underworld. Use it wisely, on special occassions only ! And don’t
forget to tell the world.” I closed my eys for a while and did… Then I had felt like something heavy fell off of me and suddenly… I have noticed something lying on
that pedestal. A 128 MB FLASH DRIVE ! With ‘For NI Kontakt 5’ words carved on one side. I took it with shaky hands and run home thrilled, eager to explore…

Cryptar includes 96,3 MB with 45 single wav files, 11 .nki files, acoustic guitar samples and 3 fake round robins. All samples are at 24 bit / 44,1 Khz for best quality and clarity.

You will get 11 patches (nki files) named Box Of Tears, Broadcast In A Spider Web, Clavitar, Cryptar Basic, Cryptar Grand, Gimme Your Organs, Medieval Crypt, Necrorganetta, Sea Of Skulls, String Of Nerves, Twin Heels.

This library is free for download at Atom Hub, but if you want to support the developer you can make a donation on official page.

More Details: Cryptar




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