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Z3TA+2 – VST/AU Synthesizer Plugin by Cakewalk

Z3TA+2 - VST Synthesizer Plugin

Cakewalk presents Z3TA+2, a powerful virtual synth who bring the legendary waveshaping sound of Z3TA+ with new features such as new filters, waveshapers, flexible effects, expressive control and a great new interface.

The visual interface of Z3TA+2 was redesigned and now looks gorgeous, inspiring more performance and quality. The attention to detail is perfect, everything looks good and each module is where it should be. Also this new design allow you to see more information and access more visible parameters including all Waveshaper controls in the Oscillator section and waveform previews in drop-down menus.

Z3TA+ 2 comes with thousands of expertly crafted sounds and numerous overall improvements. With 14 dual-stage filter types, a massive Modulation Matrix, highly flexible FX section, and 16 Waveshapers for each of its 6 Oscillators, the sound design possibilities are limitless.

Z3TA+ 2’s effects section features easy routing of all effects and a new, flexible distortion module. The distortion module includes the new Hypertube algorithm and can effect the filter busses, the effects section, or both.

Includes over 2000 presets patches and organizing the patch library is more important than ever. You will find what you need with the help of new patch browser that allow organization by library, bank, and patch. Since Z3TA+ 2 gave you more presets than you could handle, this new browser will make it easier to find the thousands of presets you have by adding a built-in search button. Just click on the magnifying glass to search presets by name, vendor, or category to find the exact sound or patch you need.

Sound designers who work to create this patches:

  • Nico Herz, Big Tone Studio
  • Frank Genus, Pro Sounds
  • Francesco Silvestri, FI Sound
  • Chad Beckwith, FI Sound/Patch Arena
  • Bryan Lee, Xenos Soundworks
  • Ben Cantil, Encanti Productions
  • Tim Swartz, Digital Sound Factory
  • Kieran Swarbrick, Dance MIDI Samples

System Requirements:

  • Windows – Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista 32-bit (SP2), Windows Vista 64-bit (SP2), Windows 7 32-bit (SP1), Windows 7 x64 (SP1), Intel Core 2 Duo or newer processor, 1 GB RAM, 200 MB hard disk space required. Z3TA+ 2 runs stand-alone or with a VST-compatible host.
  • Mac – Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher, 64-bit processor, Intel Core 2 Duo or newer*, 1 GB RAM, 32-bit, 200 MB hard disk space required, VST3 or Audio Units compatible host

All this improvements and features makes Z3TA+2 to be one of the best synth software from this days used by many electronic producers and artists around the world.

Update December 2015:

Z3TA+ 2 get a major update including AAX support for Pro Tools.

“We’ve always had a large number of people requesting our synths be available in the Pro Tools plug-in formats. Now with Z3TA+2, Rapture Pro, and Rapture Session available for AAX, we are excited to introduce ourselves to a larger group of users.” – says Lance Riley states (Cakewalk Product Manager).

Z3TA+2 synthesizer is available to be purchased for £78.99 at links bellow. On the product page you will be able to read much more details about Z3TA+2 synth.

We recommend Z3TA+2 to any electronic music producers who really cares about quality, originality and professionalism for his productions.

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