ArcWave for ReaktorEverythingTurns releases ArcWave a new granular re-synthesiser ensemble expansion for Native Instruments Reaktor (virtual instrument).

ArcWave is a granular re-synthesiser that uses samples in place of oscillators allowing very diverse waveform generation from virtually any conceivable sound source.

An independent multipoint envelope generator bidirectionally scans the sample without affecting pitch, producing an ever changing waveform output feed to the filters.

The scan cycle, flow, motion, start point and length along with gain, pan, pitch and fine tune are all definable, plus the scan cycle can be disabled and set to static mode.

An auto gain limiter is placed at the output of the granular engine allowing you to brick wall the waveform output before entering the filter stage.

ArcWave has two sample banks, each bank has 127 spaces for samples and one space left blank.

Details of how to add your own samples is fully explained in the user manual.

The default polyphony of ArcWave is set to Mono, you can detune one engine against the other to produce a pseudo duo effect.

Polyphony can be increased to a larger number of notes and details of how to do this is contained within the user manual, the amount that you can increase the polyphony by is dependent on the horsepower available from your computer, switching off Atmospheara will dramatically increase the amount of power available.

Not all samples sound good when played polyphonically, it depends on the harmonic content and movement, you can save (as) different versions of ArcWave for use as mono and polyphonic players.

Available priced at £12 GBP.




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