n-Track Studio for Androidn-Track Software has released the first preview version of the n-Track Studio multitrack recording app for Android devices.

The preview version of the DAW is free to test and has no functional limitation. It will however expire when the final (non-beta and non-expiring) version will be released.

n-Track Studio enables you to record multitrack song ideas wherever you go and then import the songs on your computer for more detailed editing and mixing.

…we’re looking for users willing to test the app on their devices and help us iron out bugs and problems before the final release of version 1.0.

Note: this beta version is free, however the final non-beta version will be a paid app (price will be around $6).

The beta version will expire when the final non-beta and non-expiring version will be released.

With the Android release n-Track is now available for every major mobile and desktop operating system: Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

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