DoubleToner FREE Distortion VST Effect Plugin by Rebel Audio

DoubleToner FREE VST

Rebel Audio intros DoubleToner, a new free distortion effect audio plugin for Windows, capable of enhancing your sounds offering a variety of possibilities to do this.

You can chance small details or go forward and make real damages to your sound. The crossover filter allows you to distribute the incoming audio band on the two independent distortion units.

The four analog approximated band-pass-filter units will change the color of the expanded sound. Use the crossover fader to mix the resulting bands to an individual processed output signal.


  • Dual-quad-band distortion concept
  • Four independent analog approximated filter units
  • Two independent distortion units
  • Four programmable user presets
  • Smoothed controller fading

DoubleToner effect plugin is available only for Windows, in 32-Bit and 64-Bit VST plugin format.

Download: DoubleToner

You may also like to check another useful plugin from Rebel Audio, the OverToner, released last year. This plugin offer you to choose between 13 overtoning functions. You can process the output signal through a two band analog approximated band pass filter or to activate/deactivate each filter band independently.

OverToner Free VST Effect

For parallel processing, you will find useful the dry/wet control from each filter section. Use the built-in four user presets or save your own presets and use them again when you need simillar results.


Two independent analog approximated output filters

  • 13 overtoning functions
  • Four programmable user presets
  • Dry/wet controllers for each section
  • Smoothed controller fading

More Details: OverToner

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