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Doctor Mix AI Synth – Free AI Generated VST Plugin

Doctor Mix AI Synth Free AI Generated VST Plugin

Doctor Mix AI Synth is the world’s first AI-coded software synthesizer with ChatGPT-generated DSP code. It is a virtual instrument that runs as a VST, AU plugin within a digital audio workstation (DAW), and uses artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to generate unique sounds.

The AI technology behind Doctor Mix AI Synth is based on deep learning, which means the software has been trained on a vast amount of audio data to recognize and categorize different types of sounds. The synthesizer uses this knowledge to create new sounds by combining various elements from the existing sound libraries in novel ways.

Doctor Mix AI Synth Plugin

The Doctor Mix AI Synth comes with a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily tweak and customize the sounds they generate. It also features a range of built-in effects such as reverb, delay, and distortion, which can be used to shape the sound further.

One of the unique features of Doctor Mix AI Synth is the “evolve” function, which allows the software to generate a series of new sounds based on the current sound settings. This feature is useful for composers and producers who are looking for inspiration and want to explore different sonic possibilities.

Watch me as I create my own Synthesizer plugin using ChatGPT, with some help from the expert coders at Martinic.

In summary, Doctor Mix AI Synth is a software synthesizer that uses AI technology to generate unique sounds. It features a user-friendly interface and a range of built-in effects, making it a powerful tool for music production and sound design.

Free Download External Link: Doctor Mix AI Synth

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