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DJ Swivel – The Sauce – Vocals Mixing VST Plugin

DJ Swivel The Sauce Vocal VST Plugin

DJ Swivel, known for collaborations with Beyonce, Chainsmokers, Coldplay, and Jay-Z, presents The Sauce, its first multifunctional plug-in. There are many music producers and music acts who name plug-ins with their names. This is a mixing plug-in, with which you can not only refine your vocal recordings but also great on drums and instruments too.

So if you like the sound of the music producer, you will surely like the result that conjures up this effect. The Sauce plugin consists of various effect sections that your audio material must go through. And that should help you to revamp your vocals.

The Sauce Vocal Mixing VST Plugin

The first effect here is Flavor, actually, a sculpt and pitch shifter with formant modulation. Underneath is Sugar & Spice, a harmonic saturator or overdrive distortion with an additional chorus and flanger effect. Squeeze is a compressor connected in parallel with two modes (including sidechain input). Smoke is a convolution reverb. Here you have the three different room sizes: Room, Medium Plate, and Large Hall.

Drip is a classic modern delay with echo modulation. Here you can limit the effect signal with a high and low pass filter. Last but not least, the multiband effect. So you can assign all effects at once to the complete frequency spectrum, but also to individual bands (three in total).

DJ Swivel The Sauce is available in our store (official distributor) at a price of $149 (Get back 10% as store credit with any purchase). The plug-in runs on Windows 7 or higher and Mac OSX 10.11 or higher than VST3, AU, and AAX in 64 bit. A PDF user manual is also available with the downloadable files.

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