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DJ Delay Free VST/AU Plugin by Stagecraft Software

DJ Delay Free VST Plugin

Stagecraft Software has released DJ Delay, a free for download dual delay plugin available in VST and Audio Unit plugin format for both Windows and MAC users.

“Delay effects are the cornerstone of so much modern music. Combining a simple delay with a filter to control the band of each echo can yield rewarding results and soundscapes with significant depth. For the most part, however, the Delays out there are not made with the modern electronica musician in mind. Here we aim to change that.”

DJ Delay features some new improvements in comparation with old version. Now this plugin features autonamtion support, cloud saving and you can share your own presets with other users, also the interface get some enhancements.


  • The Spectrum – High resolution FFT spectrum displays, you can see how you are affecting the music, allowing for better use of the effect.
  • Beat Quantization – The inclusion of a deep quantization system that works in real time is key to creating a delay effect that will work in a live environment.
  • Filter Sweeps – A filter sweep is one of the most common effects used in EDM production, and here we make it intuitive, simple, and visible.

As I write in the beginning, this plugin is available for free download via Stagecraft Software website in 32-bit / 64-bit VST for Windows or Audio Unit plugin format for MAC. Check the link below for more information.

More Details: DJ Delay

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