Digitone Keys – New Synthesizer Released by Elektron

Elektron Digitone Keys Synthesizer

Elektron released the new 8-voice polyphonic digital synthesizer called Digitone Keys, which is intended for concert and studio activities. The tool is equipped with a semi-weighted speed and touch sensitive 37 key keyboard, Pitch / Mod wheels, sets of buttons and knobs, and an OLED display to control various parameters.

The synthesizer allows you to assign sounds and effects to specific keys, use the arpeggiator and use the built-in sequencer with the ability to quickly invoke patterns. Settings can also be assigned to existing buttons and 8 additional controls with infinite scrolling.

Digiton Keys Synthesizer

Sequencer of Digitone Keys can work in 4-track mode, you can save up to 128 projects with 16 patterns in each. Switching capabilities of the instrument: MIDI In / Out / Thru, 10 TRS outputs, headphone output, 2 TRS inputs, 2 outputs for connecting pedals, USB port. The weight of the synthesizer is 6 kg.

The synthesizer has a library of 256 sounds, for which the built-in effects (chorus, saturator, delay, reverb, distortion) are available. For additional processing, there are several filters, LFO for each voice and modulation.

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