Drum Revolution Sample Pack
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Wave Alchemy have announced the release of Digital Revolution, a collection of 4300+ drum samples custom built from 12 iconic drum machines, available for Ableton Live 9+ and NI Maschine 2.0+.

Digital Revolution places the most sought-after digital drum sounds from the 1980’s at your fingertips!

Wave Alchemy captured in this pack the sound of 9 digital and 3 analogue drum machines released between 1980 and 1989. Digital Revolution pack includes all sample variations and parameters of the original machines such as tune/pitch, decay and much more.

You will be able to play this samples in three ways:

  • Original Mode – Plays the sample back with the identical sound character of the original drum machine
  • Hi-Fi Mode – Plays the sample back processed through a unique high end outboard mastering chain
  • Lo-Fi Mode – Resamples the sound in real-time through an iconic ‘grey’ 12-bit sampler at 3 different pitches

1. Ableton Live Pack (compatible with version 9 and above)

  • 4330 drum samples arranged and mapped across
  • 12 custom built, feature rich drum racks (1 drum rack for each drum machine sampled) 25 ‘Drum Modules’ which can be loaded separately into Drum Racks to create your own kits – mix and match drum types to build your own dream drum machine
  • Each kit includes 7 pre-assigned macros for quick, intuitive editing of each drum sample within each kit

2. NI Maschine Pack (compatible with version 2.0 and above)

  • 4330 drum samples
  • 60 Drum Kits in total (12 Drum Machine Kits, each with 5 character variations; HI FI, Raw, Lo Fi-, Lo Fi, Lo Fi+)
  • Carefully tagged kits for quick and easy loading from the Maschine Controller
  • Easily edit sampler voice settings including pitch/tune, filters, envelopes, LFO’s and FX per sound via the Maschine controller

Priced at £39.95, this sample pack is available at Loopmasters Store.

More Details: Digital Revolution | Wave Alchemy




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