Diabolique Free VST Effect Plugin Released by Ourafilmes

Diabolique Free VST Effect Plugin

Ourafilmes releases Diabolique, a new reel to reel tape free VST plugin for Windows.

This free tube distortion plugin was released on the 20th anniversary of Ourafilmes.

It emulates the Revox F36 1962 (Circuit 1) and Tandberg Model 3 tube models 1958 (Circuit 2).

Diabolique lends itself to give isolated tracks a warmer sound character, to make selected sound elements “dirty” or to simulate multi-track tape saturation.

Diabolique offers seven parameters Input, Output, Noise Bias, System Noise, Tube Saturation, Vintage and Mix.

In addition, two VU meters have been integrated in the center on the very attractively designed user interface.

As an additional function, you can change the tape speed (ips).

Diabolique can now be downloaded for free as a VST plugin. So far, the plugin can only be used only on Windows.

More Details: Diabolique

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