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DF-Q Equalizer Plugin for Drums Released by Drumforge

DF-Q Equalizer Plugin for Drums

Drumforge has released DF-Q, “the first EQ built for mixing drums” – as the developer claims – available in VST, AU plugin format for Windows and MAC.

Well, this new EQ plugin combines some of the most popular drum EQing techniques and brings them in one single interface, allowing you to channel your creativity and EQ your drums perfectly without using different equalizer plugins.

DF-Q provides several drum modes (kick, snare, tom, etc.) and the three instances Punch, Clarity and Attack.

When the instrument mode is selected, the pressure and force of the depths, the clarity, and precision of the heights, as well as the steep and oblique slope behavior, can be adjusted and shaped.

Each control unit also offers three different equalizer curves, which can be selected via buttons and can be interchanged.

Thanks to the mix controller, the parallel EQ work is possible, the additional low and high pass filters take over the further sound shaping.

“DF-Q makes drum mixing fun again!”


  • EQ the punch, clarity, and attack ranges of your drums with eq modes refined over many years of real world mixing experience
  • Instantly switch between classic eq curves via selector buttons for total creative control
  • Mix knob allows for 100% parallel equalizing, enabling you to achieve tones previously unachievable by other EQs
  • Wide range high and low pass filters for maximum flexibility

DF-Q is available for Windows and Mac (VST/AU/AAX) via Drumforge’s website priced at$49 USD – introductory price (regular $69 USD).

For more details please follow the link: DF-Q

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