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Defiant WT – Free Virtual Synthesizer by Ocean Swift

Defiant WT Free VST Synthesizer Plugin

Meet Defiant WT, a free slick and compact virtual subtractive wavetable synthesizer with an efficiently clever GUI design with a unique modulation arsenal and much more cool features that deserve any producers and sound designer’s attention.

This free 32 and 64-bit VST for Windows Only combines subtractive, additive and wavetable synthesis with the ability to import its tables.

Beyond the waveforms programmed by Ocean Swift Synthesis, users can also import additional waveforms. Ocean Swift Synthesis also separately provides Waveform Packs compatible with Defiant WT as well as many other wavetable synthesizers, such as Serum, Kontakt, Codex, Surge and many others.

There are x2 analog oscillators with 8 waveforms: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, Pulse, White Noise, Pink NOise, and Brown Noise. Besides this, there are also x2 digital wavetable oscillators packed with 200 factory waveforms, with the ability to load custom waveforms. The additive oscillator comes with randomizing options.

Defiant WT introduces new modulators, choose between hundreds of different waveforms or just use the draw mode, and draw your own modulations. The on-board Filter can be used in 12 or 24db in 4 styles: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, and Notch. From the Envelopes, you can choose between Analog Style or Digital Style Envelopes. Also, Independent Modulators/LFOs, for Filter and Pitch Section are available.

Defiant WT is capable of creating a clean and powerful sound with small CPU footprint, and best of all it’s free of charge.

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