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Darbuka-Nut Free Virtual Instrument by Volko Audio

Darbuka-Nut Free VST PluginVolko Audio has released Darbuka-Nut, a free for download percussion virtual instrument available in VST, AU, RTAS plugin formats for both Windows and MAC users.

darbuka-nut is designed for your alternative sound needs. It brings you some quality nut darbuka sounds from Anatolia for both Commercial & Non – Commercial use.

With round-robin speciality you will have a very realistic darbuka player.

Based on a 300 MB collection of goblet drum samples, this virtual instrument brings high quality darbuka samples intro your DAW and you can easly use them to create new drum tracks, percussion loops.

Rhythms: Ayoub-Zar, Baio, Dubstep, Fallahi, Rock, Roman Havasi, Saidi.

Instrument: Nut Darbuka – Kırmızı Gül, 8.5”X14.5”, Copper, 5 screws.


  • Real-time tempo change
  • 300 MB 24/44.1 high quality sample library
  • Round-robin specialty
  • 7 styles
  • 27 MIDI files
  • Transferring the rhythm to the host program with Drag & Drop functionality
  • Direct usage of any style with any drum kit instantly
  • Limiter and reverb
  • VST, AU and RTAS support

To can download this free plugin you must log-in or register a new user account at Volko Audio website and checkout the product with 0 price. Then go to “My Account” and on “My Products” section click on “Send my license information” and you will get on your email address the key file for Darbuka-Nut plugin.

More Details: Darbuka-Nut

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