Cypher2 Synth Plugin Released by FXpansion

Cypher2 FXpansion Synth VST Plugin

Nine years after the premiere of the first version, FXpansion presented the Cypher2 virtual synthesizer plugin for Windows and MAC.

Just like its predecessor, this virtual instrument also uses modeling technology, and a number of new solutions have been implemented to increase application capabilities.

The synthesizer available as a 64-bit VST / AAX / AU plug-in and was designed to work with both standard MIDI controllers as well as with devices using MDE (MIDI Polyphonic Expression) technology, for example, ROLI products. For this reason, among the 1,300 presets there are five hundred 5D programs.

Cypher2 uses three oscillators offering the possibility of disarming, smooth regulation of the waveform shape, extensive modulation possibilities (FM, WM, RM) and the BLEND function.

The signal from each oscillator is sent to two sections SHAPER / FILTER, and the proportions can be determined by appropriate knobs on the virtual panel. Both SHAPE blocks and filters offer different modes of operation and give the possibility to adjust various parameters.

The filters can be operated in series (in a different order) as well as in parallel. The synthesizer also provides an ANALOGUE NOISE section, an output mixer and a “SCOPE / VISUALIZER” display.

The complex TransMod modulation system provides 24 slots, of which the first sixteen can be assigned to any modulation source, while the remaining six are permanently associated with MPE Curve sources.

Cypher2 offers a variety of modulators, including two dual LFO generators and envelope generators, as well as RAMP GENERATORS, CURVE and MATHS processors, and a wide variety of modulation sources.

The new synthesizer plugin from FXpansion also provides an extensive sequencer, arpeggiator, effects section with two chains offering three slots (you can load any up to 30 effect modules) and MORPH / FREEZE and RANDOMIZER functions.

Cypher2 costs 199 USD, and Strobe2 users and the DCAM Synth Squad package can buy it cheaper (USD 79).

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Cypher2 Synth VST Plugin

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