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Cyclop – The Bass Monster VST/AU Synthesizer

Cyclop Bass Synthesizer VST Plugin

In the electronic music genre, rich bass sounds have recently become popular again. Without wobble bass, Dubstep would only be a badly arranged breakbeat and acid without TB 303 would simply be boring Berlin TechnoCyclop synth plugin by Sugar Bytes company offers extremely many possibilities for sound design that do not necessarily result in bass sounds.

The Sugar Bytes Cyclop is a bass synthesizer that has the potential to create powerful sounds with a variety of modulations. With two filters, which come with ten different filter types, varied sounds are guaranteed. 32 effects programmable in the internal step sequencer, distortion unit with nine types, two filter units with ten filter types each (bandpass, lowpass, spectral, comb filter etc.) are a remarkable selection for a bass synthesizer. There is also the wobble switch and ultra-flexible routing paths. The Cyclop plugin really has an impressive arsenal of functions.

So much diversity also needs to be served and Sugar Bytes did everything right with Cyclop on this point. Getting started is not difficult, thanks to the well-thought-out and graphically appealing interface. The first sound creations were made quickly, Cyclop proves to be very accessible here. Preset Browser offers you over 800 presets. All sounds can be sorted in the browser via keywords, author, property, and rating. Cyclop contain numerous, unusual and inspiring sounds. Sugar Bytes Cyclop is an all-round successful synthesizer that is capable of far more than just generating wobble basses.

Cyclop has enough steam and sounds anything but digital or boring. The aggressive basses provide enough steam in the mix, so there is no need to help out with plugins. Cyclop should also be interesting for sound designers from the film and games area because due to its equipment, fresh FX sounds are quickly done with it. Cyclop’s standalone mode is also positive.

Sugar Bytes Cyclop is available for PC and MAC as RTAS, VST, AU, AAX plugin. Try it out and take a picture of yourself, it’s worth it!



Original price was: $165.00.Current price is: $29.95.
Original price was: $150.00.Current price is: $29.95.
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