Cubase 9 DAW Released by Steinberg

Steinberg Cubase 9

Steinberg intros Cubase 9, a new version of their popular music production software. Cubase Pro, Cubase Artist, and Cubase Elements are available simultaneously in the new version.

All three Cubase versions contain the new Lower Zone, a special area in the bottom project window where the mixer or other tools can be displayed.

Also, you will find the Inspector on the left and the instruments on the right.

Cubase 9 Music Software DAW
Cubase 9 User Interface

In this way, the key editor and the mixer can be integrated directly into the Arrange window.

This makes it easy to play samples on the keyboard without having to load a sampler or to leave the Cubase interface.

In addition, a keyboard view can be displayed so that it is possible to edit the frequencies on a musical basis.

A new “Frequency EQ” with up to eight bands, M / S mode, and linear phase mode is also included. This equalizer offers 8 bands (each with a mode for use as linear phase EQ), M / S processing, spectral representation and more.

The new Sampler track also includes the specially designed “Caleidoscope Library” with hundreds of samples.

Another important innovation is the undo-history option for the mixer. All your actions inside the mixer will be recorded so you will be able to Undo / Redo (Undo / Restore Settings).

Up to 10 marker tracks (previously available only with Nuendo) were also added for defining areas in your project and exporting them as individual stems or group mixes (available only in Cubase Pro 9).

The cloud-based cooperation possibilities have also been revised and improved.

Availability & Pricing:

  • Cubase Pro 9 Full Version – € 579
  • Cubase Artist 9 Full Version – € 329
  • Cubase Elements 9 Full Version – € 99.99

Find out more details about the new Cubase 9 DAW at Steinberg website, also be sure to watch the Cubase’s “New Features” video below.

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