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Crunchy Beats and SP Samples Pack by Raw Cutz

Raw Cutz Hip Hop Samples
£39.95 Buy Now

Raw Cutz proudly presents Crunchy Beats & SP Samples, a collection of samples from SP12Hundred, an underground Hip Hop fanatic and master producer who learnt his trade in Brixton, UK after being inspired by Pete Rocks production techniques.

All this inspirational Hip Hop sounds and samples was created using vintage techniques and equipment to bring you the authentic sound of the underground.

Within this pack producers should expect to find 32 Hip Hop Breaks, 622 Inspirational Musical Samples, 75 Kick Drums, 44 Snare Drums, 28 Hi Hats, plus 32 Rex2 Samples. Total size: 497 MB.

Included in each pack you will find a great selection of Kicks, Snares, Hats and inspirational one shot musical sounds that will inspire you to create new music from the dusty sounds of the past, all processed through vintage machines including the SP1200, MPC range and musical EQs and compressors.

You can listen the demos, read more details and purchase this great sample pack for £39.95 at Loopmasters.com.

Buy Links: Crunchy Beats & SP Samples | Raw Cutz

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