Contra Mixing Tool Plugin Released by Audio Vitamins

Contra Mixing Tool Plugin

Audio Vitamins have released Contra, a product that could save some valuable time of your search to find the right plugin for your sound and being able to hear which plugin works best for you all with the click of a few buttons keeping your ears in the moment and making the right decisions quickly and it’s called Contra.


  • Load up to 8 VST, VST3 or AU plugins
  • Store your plugins with settings as presets for quick setup of new sessions
  • Different audition lengths allowing for multiple instances of Contra to run against each other
  • Internal delay compensation engine
  • Minimal CPU and Memory usage

So what can Contra do for your workflow? Well, it can let you audition multiple plugin chains so you don’t have to mute and unmute and in the process forget what you like, this also helps out your ears letting you hear different the different ways your chains sound and letting you make the right decision quicker. This can help you narrow down a plugin chain that works in a much shorter time.

In simplest terms, Contra offers a simple and effective solution when you comparing different plug-ins.

After watching the video (video below), I would personally like to have this plugin just for the time it can save me in choosing the right plugin chains keeping my ears fresh and letting me make the right decisions faster because ear fatigue is really messed up.

Contra is available for Mac OSX: 64bit AAX, VST3, VST and 32/62bit AU. Windows: 64bit AAX, VST3 and VST – IS COMING SOON!

More Details: Contra

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