Connection Kit Free Max for Live Pack by Ableton

Connection Kit Free Max for Live Pack

Ableton intros Connection Kit, a new free Max for Live Pack providing instant connection between Live and other innovative technologies and communication protocols such as Arduino, littleBits™, LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3, OSC and more others.

Connection Kit was designed for those with Max for Live programming skills who want to experiment new output and input possibilities for sound creation using Live.

These devices allows you to connect up lights, switches, potentiometers and other sensors to control Live parameters on Arduino Uno, transform musical elements into physical actions through motors and sensors on LEGO® MINDSTORMS® EV3. Open your sound world up to the web through JSON-based APIs, use weather data from the web or stock market fluctuations to create new sounds. Also, you can convert OSC data to MIDI data.

Connection Kit is a free toolkit available via Ableton website, contains 11 Max Devices, 1 Presets and requires Live 9 Standard (version 9.5 or higher), Max for Live.

More Details: Connection Kit

We recommend you to watch the video below to see what exactly you can do with Connection Kit:

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